Zuzana Fialová

Zuzana Fialová - interview sample

You told me you don`t like being interviewed. However, you are an actress. Interviews should be important to you.

It is not important. While you were trying to find me in theatre, I talked to my colleagues about this and some of them think it is necessary. For me it is contradiction not to have some secrets. Because I cant be more popular. I cant think of some advantages from interview. Mostly journalists ask me trivial things. Interview is never able to cover one topic deeply. Then I read it and on top of that they use bad pictures. So I think to myself never do it again. But four months later some other journalist talks me into that again because I hope this time it could be good finally.

When I called you, I spoke with nice lady happy to give an interview.

Because it seemed so distant to me as if we were supposed to meet in five years or so. I try to be nice but sometimes I am not. I simply dont think it is necessary to give interviews. PR is necessary for certain products we work on. Theatre and TV projects for which we must give interviews because the contract says so. But I never sign more than five interviews per project.

I have a feeling theatre is closer to you than TV.

I wouldnt say that. I like theatre, movie production and even show business. What I dont like is TV series.


Because the productions I named are made at high professional level. And TV series are not. Maybe it is because I love TV series – HBO and others. They produce fantastic shows, better than some movies. Well written beautiful shows. Probably that is the reason Im not comfortable with the way TV series are made in our country. I understand the reasons but I dont want to be a part of it.

Acting is not possible to learn, all you can do is improve the technique. Is this true?

It is. You can admit acting because each person acts. I was not born as a mother, I was born as a child. Now I am grown up in a role of mother. When I am taking care of my child and friend calls, I change my role and I am in a role of friend. Important thing is to admit that all our lives we are in a role. I am fourty, I can`t be a daughter, a mother, a lover, a partner and an actress at the same time. All I can do is change these roles. Admitting this is acting and me controlling this is technique.

Anyway there is difference between acting in private life and standing in front of hundreds of people on stage.

Psychiatrists say we need deformation. For each profession, in order to be successful. If you have compulsive obsessive disorder, you are an excellent accountant. If you are a bit hysterical, you are an excellent actor. But not that kind of hystery that you destroy things around you. That is hysterical behaviour. Being a bit hysterical means you dont have problem with hundreds of people looking at you in an intimate situation. This is not possible without hystery. An introvert is not able to stand in front of eight hundred people and cry. He just cant do it.

Milan Lasica told me he was introvert.

Actors love talking about themselves as introverts. I laugh at this all the time. That is the most popular acting pose. I would like to see an introvert going to Pohoda festival and sing in front of fifteen thousand people. We are overcrowded and we seek loneliness, that is different. Sometimes we need to be without people. But introvercy is something else.